Learn how to ‘see’ again.

If you’ve had a concussion and struggle to read, words break up on the page or screen and move about changing size and shape or disappear try this simple trick. Buy a load of coloured acetate sheets, will cost you a few quid or dollars or euros, then place them over the page or screen until the words form and remain solid enough to read on. If it works you can read again, wooohooo.

Try words on paper under a variety of lighting conditions.

You can change the colour emitted through your computer, smartphone screen via settings etc or just tape on a sheet of acetate.

The next step is to make an appointment privately to get an eye test and a colourimeter test by a behavioural optometrist in the UK (neuro optometrist in US). There’s no need to pay through the nose, just see the ones that test kids for reading issues etc, they are basically the same tests, should cost less than ¬£150 complete in the UK, (ask for the eye test via the NHS route if you can). They can then determine whether it’s your eyes that are the problem and or if it’s the visual cortex in the brain. They can then prescribe a custom lens prescription for glasses. It gets a bit expensive here, but not that expensive. Hey, what’s it worth to read again??????????????

Don’t forget to pay for a comprehensive report, (yes more money, I can hear you complain and I’m still writing this), this is very important. Make sure you give a copy to your GP to go into your medical records. It can help obtain further medical tests in the future. You really need to build a case for your condition. For instance I asked to get assessed by the brain injury unit, I eventually got referred but the unit refused to assess me because the CT scans taken in the first two weeks after the car crash were negative. WTF was my reaction, I can’t see properly, can’t concentrate, can’t remember things, have blackouts, whiteouts, momentary lapses in time, spacial issues, the list goes on, if you’re reading this you know this shit already and it destroys you with fatigue. So build a case for yourself with definitive testing that can’t be challenged by expert opinion, opinion is speculation, opinion is pure fiction, don’t stand for it, challenge everything. Your GP or specialist knows nothing about concussion.







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